• 3-2-1 Service

    HNI and Airtel partner to create a search engine where there is no internet. Call and choose from pre-recorded messages anytime, anywhere, and free of charge in Madagascar.
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  • Audio Job Aids

    HNI provides Community Health Workers with access to diagnostic and treatment reminders on their own mobile phones.
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  • Mobile-to-Mobile Surveys

    Our trained operators interview key informants to eliminate the barrier between those who have information and those who need it.
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  • HNI in Madagascar

    It all started here on the Big Island. Learn about HNI’s early days and how we’ve grown since.
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  • DataWinners

    HNI’s online, do-it-yourself mobile data collection service for organizations anywhere in the world. Collect up to 1,000 Submissions via SMS, Smartphone, & Web for FREE for one year!
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  • Pull On Demand vs. Push In Advance

    When does a mom need information about how to help her sick child? When her child is sick. David McAfee's series in our blog.
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    Pull Information On Demand vs. Push In Advance - Slider
  • SMS and Smartphones in Mozambique’s Disaster Management System

    Mozambique system uses HNI's DataWinners platform for SMS alerts before a disaster and for data collection during and after.
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  • What We Do

    • steps

      Data Collection

      DataWinners is an online, do-it-yourself mobile data collection service for organizations in the developing world.

    • nok_sq

      Mobile Search Engines

      HNI provides the 3-2-1 Service and Audio Job Aids available on simple mobile phones anywhere, anytime.

    • supportb

      Mobile-to-Mobile Surveys

      Mobile-to-Mobile Surveys eliminate the barrier between those who have information and those who need it.

  • Partner Quotes

    • Chemonics

      “DataWinners Complements INGC’s early-warning system by adding a data collection component. it is the first two-way warning system in Mozambique to use cell phones, making it a low-cost and innovative solution for community members who have access to cell phones. “

      Chemonics, “Mozambique’s First Two-Way Warning System” >>
    • Marie Stopes International

      “Simple and interactive mobile reporting methods like DataWinners are more acceptable to our private sector partners. They like the automatic confirmation and error messages they receive. I can also send messages to the clinics, so overall we have improved communications – in both directions.”

      Mekdes Assefa, mHealth Supervisor, Marie Stopes Ethiopia
    • Madagascar’s National Bureau for Risk and Disaster Management

      “Now, communicating, processing and compiling the data is done quickly. We map our data, send messages to raise pre-disaster awareness and increase preparedness, access our collected data in real time and share it with other stakeholders.”

      Nianja Raonivelo, “Cyclones and Cell Phones” >>
    • Marie Stopes International

      “Thanks to HNI, we can gather timely, accurate and complete data on a monthly basis. We now have a much better idea where to spend our limited resources.”

      Miles Kemplay, Former Country Director, Marie Stopes Madagascar
    • USAID Santenet2

      “Thanks to our partnership with HNI, and the hard work of our senior staff, we now have the data we need to report to USAID on macro-level indicators.”

      Dr. Volkan Cakir, “Seeing Results and Reporting Accurately to Funders” >>
    • Ministry of Education, Senegal

      “DataWinners modernized our data collection. The Primary School Directors now submit their data more quickly and with fewer errors using their own mobile phones. The Ministry has plans to use DataWinners to collect other Education data in Senegal.”

      Amadou Lamine Ndiaye, “Primary School Testing Results Collected by SMS not Paper” >>
  • HNI Puts Technology To Work

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