Gaetano Borriello: ‘The visionary and leader behind Open Data Kit’

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The University of Washington announced the death on February 1, 2015 of Gaetano Borriello, the Professor of Computer Science & Engineering who was “the visionary and leader behind Open Data Kit“.

Open Data Kit is the open source technology that underlies the DataWinners smartphone application. At Human Network International, we are touched by the loss of Borriello.

UW CSE News Gaetano Borriello

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In this TEDx talk from 2010, Borriello discusses the advantages, efficiency, and human impact of using technology to improve health care services in rural Tanzania.

The Computer Science Department of the University has established two funds in Borriello’s name. One supports Open Data Kit research, and the other for a fellowship to “support students whose work is focused on exploring how technology can improve the lives of under-served populations.”

Learn more about Change, the vibrant campus-wide community of students and faculty exploring how technology can improve the lives of underserved populations in low-income regions, here.

Should you wish to support the Gaetano Borriello Endowed Fellowship for Change, you may do so here.