New: Collect Images, Audio, Videos, Signatures in DataWinners

Category : DataWinners - Data Collection for Development

HNI’s DataWinners Service has added the ability to collect image, audio, and video files — even signatures — in Advanced DataWinners Questionnaires.

This new feature allows you to upload pre-existing media files, or to capture new photos, sounds, and movies and upload them directly from a computer or a device with the DataWinners Android app.

Signatures at your Fingertips

The DataWinners Android App is now able to record signatures drawn on the touchscreen with a fingertip or stylus. The signature is saved as an image file, and is uploaded with submitted Questionnaires.

With Great Power Comes Great… Bandwidth

These new and power features come with a caveat: they will use more Internet bandwidth than questionnaires that only include text responses.

DataWinners is built on the open source Open Data Kit tools.