‘Hope for Children’ — HNI, Pact, and a Madagascar Mandate

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Using HNI-supported mobile technology, Madagascar’s parents, teachers, and even students will play an active role ensuring accountability and good governance in their local education systems.

That is one of the projected outcomes of the newly signed partnership agreement, Fanantenana ho an’ny Ankizy — Hope for Children,  between HNI, Pact, and Madagascar’s Ministry of Education.

Signatories Take Questions from the Press

Signatories to the agreement take questions from the press
(L-R) Kellen Eilerts (HNI), Paul Rabary (Madagascar Ministry of Education), Charles Ossey  (Pact Madagascar)

Madagascar’s citizens under the age of 25 number more than 13 million — an estimated 62 percent of the population.

This new partnership will bring together HNI’s extensive experience using mobile technology for development, Pact’s holistic strategy to broaden youth and community development to support the mandate of Madagascar’s Ministry of Education to remove obstacles to accessing education for Malagasy youth.

Eilerts and Minister Rabary Shake Hands

Eilerts and Minister Rabary Shake Hands following the signing of the agreement.

During the signing ceremony on February 24, Kellen Eilerts, HNI Country Director in Madagascar highlighted the complementary strengths of the three organizations.

The Ministry of Education, Pact and HNI will combine their respective skills to strengthen good governance and accountability in the education system, establish an enabling environment for access to education, reduce health and hygiene problems preventing education, and encourage families to invest in the education of their children.

Although still in the design phase, the goal of the program is to reach 250,000 or more young people between the ages of six and 19 — especially girls and those in vulnerable circumstances (e.g. child laborers, homeless children, orphans or those in single-headed households) – and increase their access to a quality education. HNI and Pact will now focus their efforts on obtaining the necessary resources to make the concept a reality.

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