DataWinners on Windows 10 Phones and Tablets?

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Microsoft just announced that apps built for Andoid or IOS will be able to run on Windows 10. In theory that means that DataWinners will be able to run on Windows Phones and Tablets. Not just DataWinners — any derivative of Open Data Kit (ODK).

Even more organizations around the world could be able to collect and analyze data from the field using the equipment they already have.

And Windows Phones are more popular than you might think they are.

More than 10 percent of phones in Europe are Windows Phones. Across Africa, where DataWinners has its biggest footprint, Windows Phones average just below 10 percent market share. Microsoft is planning big regional pushes beginning in Kenya and Nigeria. In South Africa, Windows Phones already outsell iPhones.

Microsoft brings Android  iOS apps to Windows 10   Ars Technica

Microsoft brings Android, iOS apps to Windows 10 | Screen Shot: Ars Technica

A recent article in Ars Technica described how Micrsoft’s Project Astoria will allow Android apps to run in Windows.

Unlike Islandwood, which will require [IOS] developers themselves to recompile their software to bring it to Windows, Astoria will in principle work with any old APK, without requiring the developer to do anything but publish the app in the store—as long as the APK sticks to the APIs that Astoria will provide.

Our DataWinners data collection platform allows submissions by SMS, a Web interface, and by our Android app for smartphones and tablets. We like to say that DataWinners works on “the equipment you already have.” And that’s true. But on a non-Android phone or tablet, that has always meant using the Web interface — meaning the user must be online.

If what Microsoft is touting is true, our users with Windows phones and tablets will be able to collect data offline, just as users of Android devices have been able to do since 2012.