Webinar: 3-2-1 On-Demand Messaging Case Study

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Do NGOs have enough data to make impactful changes?

To address that question, GSMA is hosting a webinar on July 2 featuring their case study of Airtel and HNI ‘s 3-2-1 service in Madagascar. This will be the second in a series of three webinars from GSMA.

M4D Webinar: Making the most out of your data - A case study on HNI

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HNI’s Madagascar Country Director, Kellen Eilerts, will be participating in the webinar. “At HNI, we’re focused on delivering sustainable, scalable mobile services with measurable results,” Eilerts said.

The GSMA M4D team helped us to dig deeper into data from our 3-2-1 Service to learn even more about the impact among users and opportunities for improvement. I’m looking forward to the webinar and discussing the importance of applying analytics for the agile development of our services.

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