Made-in-Madagascar Technology Solutions for Business and Development

Category : DataWinners - Data Collection for Development, HNI Initiatives, Mobile-to-Mobile Surveys

Mobile technology created for nonprofit NGOs worldwide can also solve business problems. Profit-driven businesses are showing increased interest in a suite of proven mobile solutions developed in Madagascar for the NGO sector by HNI.

Orange, the leading telecommunications company in Madagascar with nearly 4 million subscribers, will be hosting an expo of HNI’s mobile solutions. HNI will present interactive demonstrations for invited leaders representing business, government, and international development.

Orange Business Solutions Invitation

Orange Business Solutions’ Invitation to business, government, and international development leaders

The interactive demonstrations will include:

  • Mobile-to-Mobile Surveys:  HNI’s operators handle outbound and inbound calls for household surveys, education, support, and opinion polling. The operators are native Malagasy speakers, fluent in the various regional dialects, and are trained to engage naturally and obtain high quality responses.
  • Data Collection: The DataWinners platform enables online and offline, validated data collection using almost any mobile phone, tablet, or computer. A two-way team communication feature helps increase data compliance within the organization. Reports and data visualizations contribute to informed decisions by managers and executives.
  • On-Demand Messaging: HNI’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system by Ghana-based VOTO Mobile allows organizations to provide audio information to employees, trainees, and customers. These messages can be in multiple languages in order to ensure they are well understood by all stakeholders. The messages are also available in text format via SMS and USSD.

These value-added services can be provided over Orange’s mobile network in Madagascar.

The expo will feature Madagascar’s National Nutrition Office (ONN) which used HNI’s IVR service to provide “Audio Job Aids” to community nutrition agents. With their own mobile phones the nutrition agents used free on-demand access to dozens of pre-recorded, job-related messages. These workers improved both their retention of information and the quality of their work. The ONN agents also use the DataWinners platform to submit reports via SMS.

The event will be held November 20 in Antananarivo. For more information and details, contact us.