Quick Start: On-Site Training for Mobile Data Collection

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Mobile data collection systems are everywhere, but it takes more than software to collect and analyze quality, actionable data. The data you collect should drive outcomes and decision making.

DataWinners Quick Start Training in Madagascar

DataWinners Quick Start Training in Madagascar

HNI has a formidable track record developing not just software, but also data collection methodologies. We help our partners ensure compliance, quality, and sustainability.

With all humility: We’re really good at this.

For the best possible start for in-house mobile data collection projects, HNI has packaged our expertise as DataWinners Quick Start Services.

To provided the best value and the best results, these services are delivered on the ground — where our partners work.

The Results:

  • Data Administrators who can master the system,
  • Program Managers who can review and analyze the information,
  • Trainers who can train the field support staff
  • Documented plans, priorities, rationale, responsibilities, and workflows

For more information on deliverables:

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