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Anglophone & Francophone Africa

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Job Location

Multiple positions are opening in Anglophone and Francophone Africa.

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Job Description

New Business Development – Promote HNI’s mobile technology services

  • Conduct stakeholder mapping by sector and develop an external relations database
  • Approach stakeholders in country, attend networking events, and speak at conferences to raise awareness of HNI’s work
  • Identify and reach out to potential content and sponsorship partners for HNI’s 321 Service and potential clients for DataWinners
  • Meet with INGOs, local NGOS, private sector companies, and government ministries to identify new partners and future opportunities
  • Meet with donor organizations and regularly update database of upcoming opportunities to better understand priorities and funding mechanisms

Program Development

Lead HNI’s in-country Programs staff to:

  1. Manage the 3-2-1 Service
    • Content Development
      • Secure contracts with content partners across a range of content areas
      • Form content steering committees and facilitate content development workshops
      • Build the capacity of partner staff and stakeholders to organize content into topic areas, create decision trees and finalize key messages
      • Find local producer or content production team and develop contract for the translation and recording of all messages
      • Manage pre-testing of key messages with the assistance of NGOs in country
    • Technical Management
      • Coordinate the technical installation of the HNI server
      • Create decision trees on the VOTO platform; upload key messages to the platform and test them on all four channels (IVR, SMS, USSD and URL)
      • Manage all content on platform, monitor analytics
    • Telecom Relationship
      • Act as the focal point for the 321 product manager within the local telecommunications partner
      • Organize and oversee ongoing promotion and marketing of the 321 Service with the telecom
  2. Support the growth of DataWinners
    • Supervise HNI’s in-country Programs staff
    • Share feedback on DataWinners training courses and software with HNI DataWinners team
    • Secure interest from potential clients, conduct DataWinners demos
    • Strengthen the capacity of partners to use DataWinners
      • Incorporate lessons learned from HNI’s experience in other countries
      • Conduct “Quick Start” packages with partners
      • Conduct training for DataWinners administrators and data senders
  3. Support the growth of other HNI products and services
    • Raise awareness among stakeholders about the benefits of HNI’s “mobile-2-mobile” strategy for project monitoring and beneficiary feedback
    • Raise awareness among stakeholders about the benefits of HNI’s automated surveys linked to a database of 321 callers who have opted in
  4. Manage active projects
    • Maintain strong and positive client relationships
    • Monitor project implementation
    • Monitor project expenses against budget
    • Ensure timely invoicing and payment

Job Duties


  • Prioritize client needs and think through hard problems while working with our international team to implement solutions
  • Be a proven leader
  • Ensure excellent collaboration among our stakeholders by removing roadblocks and fostering communication
  • Work in a dynamic, collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchal, and ego-free culture where your talent is valued over a role or title

Administration and Communications

  • Ensure conformity with national regulations as regards organizational and individual ability to work in country
  • Manage the country operating budget
  • Write a monthly blog post about HNIs activities in country


  • Suggest improvements to HNI internal processes or services and take them through to adoption
  • Come up with the next Big Idea.


  • A willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. Whether that means going back to the drawing board with a problem or simply taking on different roles and responsibilities for a period of time, you thrive at adapting to changing environments
  • Demonstrated ability to multi-task, prioritize and coordinate
  • Proven ability to manage a team of diverse staff, flexibility and willingness to adapt to new tasks as needed
  • Good common sense and ability to approach situations and challenges with a creative and open mind
  • Bottom line focus and solution oriented
  • Excellent attention to detail and thoroughness
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and French (depending on location)
  • Good cross-cultural and interpersonal skills
  • International work and life experience is a plus
  • Most important, you must be passionate about making change in our world.

Company Description

Human Network International (HNI) is a global development organization dedicated to bringing the benefits of technology to individuals and organizations working in the developing world. We work across all sectors to promote the free flow of information between vulnerable groups and the humanitarian and development professionals dedicated to helping them.

Our clients are humanitarian and development organizations with ambitious missions to make the world a better place. We help them to improve their operations, engagement and impact. They trust us to deliver the innovative thinking and technology that empowers them to succeed. By joining HNI, you join a diverse community of bright individuals whose purpose is to design, create and deliver innovative technological solutions with the goal of bridging the development divide.

HNI specializes in three areas of Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D).

Data Collection – HNI strengthens the capacity of organizations around the world to modernize their data collection efforts. We created DataWinners, an online, do-it-yourself mobile data collection service for organizations working in the least developed countries in the world.

Mobile Search Engines – HNI creates the “321” Service: A free on-demand information resource accessible using simple mobile phones – a search engine for those without access to the Internet. In Madagascar and Malawi, millions of isolated people use the 321 Service to get the information they need when they need it.

Mobile-to-Mobile Surveys – HNI opens new lines of communication between Project Managers and beneficiaries to collect feedback from target group members.

How to Apply

Email cover letter and resume to (Subject line: “Country Director Position” + name of the site that referred you).