Audio Job Aids

  • The Challenge

    In the absence of reference materials, the quality of the advice given by Community Health Workers declines over time. The CDC in Madagascar noted a correlation between the quality of advice given and the length of time since the last Community Health Worker training.

  • HNI’s Solution

    Audio Job Aids: A free on-demand collection of pre-recorded reminders. Community Health Workers access these reminders using their own mobile telephones on-demand, for free, nationwide.

    After listening to the reminders, Health Workers give the correct advice to members of their community.

  • How Does It Work?

    Community Health Workers in Madagascar use their own mobile phones to call a toll-free number and hear a menu of choices. They use their keypad to select a pre-recorded message.

  • Messages

    Listen to an English translation of some Audio Job Aids messages:

    Nutrition Welcome Message

    Nutrition Topic Message

    Nutrition Advice Message

  • History

    In 2011, HNI partnered with the World Bank and the National Nutrition Office in Madagascar to create Audio Job Aids for front line Community Nutrition Agents.

    National Nutrition Office staff provided the content. The HNI team edited, translated, and recorded the content and created the decision trees.

  • Topics

    Callers choose from this menu of options using their telephone keypad:


  • Partnership with Airtel

    Airtel provided a toll free number so Community Nutrition Agents aren’t charged to call. Airtel charges the National Nutrition Office approximately $0.08 for every call.