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    • Data Collection for Development

      DataWinners is the data collection service for development professionals. Organizations all over the world use DataWinners to transform paper forms into digital questionnaires. 

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      DataWinners is an online, do-it-yourself mobile data collection service for organizations in the developing world, designed by Human Network International (HNI). Organizations transform paper forms into digital questionnaires and staff then submit data in seconds using any combination of SMS, Smartphone and Web with the equipment they already have.


      HNI launched DataWinners in January 2012. An international partnership of private sector companies, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations are working collaboratively to create and manage as an open-source project. HNI and ThoughtWorks, Inc. lead the effort to make this mobile data collection service responsive to the needs of development organizations worldwide.


      More than 1,500 humanitarian, development and relief organizations in over 110 countries use DataWinners to shorten the time between data collection and decision making. Sectors include Public Health, Education, Water and Sanitation, Early Warning Systems, Food Security, Conservation and Agriculture. Check out our DataWinners Success Stories for a few examples of how partners are using DataWinners to make better decisions.

      Ongoing Development

      We have a dedicated team of design artists, quality assurance experts and professional developers who work constantly to improve DataWinners. The team publishes updates to the software every 4-6 weeks to add new features and fix bugs based on partner feedback. Our goal is to create a global community, working together to make mobile data collection better. We encourage partners to contribute code and ideas so DataWinners will continue to innovate.

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