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      DataWinners is the data collection service for development professionals. Organizations all over the world use DataWinners to transform paper forms into digital questionnaires. 

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    • Success Stories

      Learn more about how partners are using DataWinners in innovative ways.

      • Senegal

        In Senegal, the Ministry of Education and USAID launched the three-year, $18 million PALME project to improve reading and math skills among primary school students.

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      • Ethiopia

        Marie Stopes International Ethiopia (MSIE) is an international NGO that has provided a wide range of reproductive health services in Ethiopia since 1990.

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      • Madagascar

        In Madagascar, Population Services International (PSI) uses DataWinners for SMS reporting on the monitoring of populations reached by Care condom demonstrations.

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    • Featured Projects

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      Public Health: Interpersonal Communication, Event Tracking, Sales Tracking (Madagascar): -16.523883, 46.516262
      Public Health: Stock tracking (DRC): -4.331667, 15.313889
      Public Health: Monthly activity reporting (Ethiopia): 7.137055, 40.709110
      Public Health: Harvest monitoring and farmers/' services tracking (DRC): -10.401378, 23.906250
      Food Security: Stock tracking and monitoring (Madagascar): -14.266667, 50.166667
      Humanitarian: Early warning and market price data (Ethiopia): 9.022736, 38.746799
      Public Health: Stock tracking (Ghana): 5.814284, 0.074677
      Food Security: Early warning data (Niger): 13.483333, 7.100000
      Food security: Cattle/Livestock census and inspections (Zimbabwe): -17.829220, 31.053961
      Education: Standardized test results: 48.216038, 16.378984
      Public Health: Stock tracking (Madagascar): -18.914872, 47.531612
      Education: Standardized test results (Senegal): 14.764504, -17.366029
      Public Health: Family planning methods distribution (Mali): 12.650000, -8.000000
      Public Health: Condom promotion data (Zimbabwe): -20.172190, 28.581160
      Food Security: Stock tracking (Malawi): -13.983333, 33.783333
      Peacebuilding: Election Monitoring (Madagascar): -18.914872, 47.531612
      Public Health: Service delivery statistics (Madagascar): -25.033333, 46.983333
      Public Health: Mosquito net distribution (Madagascar): -13.838080, 48.032227
      Water/Sanitation: Infrastructure (Madagascar): -22.228090, 47.812500
      Peacebuilding: Conflict Reporting and Information System (Nigeria): 8.855684, 7.179026
      Education: School Attendance (Malawi): -13.983333, 33.783333
      Education: Enrollment: -15.786111, 35.005833
      Public Health: Interpersonal communication event tracking (Zambia): -15.408193, 28.287167