Mobile-to-Mobile Surveys

  • Person to Person

    HNI eliminates the barrier between those who have information and those who need it. Our experienced Operators handle hundreds of calls per day:

    • Providing information to inbound callers
    • Carrying out surveys with local populations in local languages
    • Interviews and outreach to key individuals
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  • How Mobile-to-Mobile Surveys Work

    Our Operators are trained to build a rapport with callers and put people at ease so the survey respondents are more inclined to share information.

    They follow approved scripts. The questions can be open-ended or multiple choice; collecting quantitative or qualitative information.

    M2M Operator
  • Call an Operator,
    Get an Expert

    After agricultural extension agents were removed from the field in Madagascar in 2011, farmers did not have a trusted source of information for agricultural questions.

    To fill this information void, the Swiss Government contracted HNI to use our call center capacity to answer agricultural questions posed by farmers. HNI consulted a network of experts and recruited agronomists as Operators to advise farmers.

  • Grievance Reporting

    People living in areas with active mining operations required a mechanism to submit grievances.

    A large mining consortium in Madagascar contracted HNI to establish a system to collect grievances from the local population. HNI set up toll-free numbers so affected people would have free access report issues and concerns related to mining.

    Our Operators recorded the details of the grievances using a questionnaire developed for the process. The details were transferred to the mining consortium.

  • Solar-Powered
    Socio-Economic Surveys

    Once a month thousands of Madagascan households participate in an ongoing socio-economic study using solar-charged cell phones.

    The World Bank chose HNI to conduct these household-level surveys for thousands of participants who have been given simple mobile phones and solar chargers. Each interview takes 15 to 30 minutes.

    HNI Operators call each participant monthly and ask a series of detailed socio-economic questions. At the end of the interview, the call center operators also send participants the equivalent of about a $1 US in telephone credit.