• Senior Staff

    Christina Andriatovohery
    Client Support Director (Madagascar)

    Jamie Arkin
    Program Manager (Uganda)

    Olivia Bell
    Program Manager (Zambia)

    Harriet Blest
    Program Manager (Nigeria)

    Mamy Dafy
    Technical Director (Madagascar)

    Sandra Gubler
    Director of User Experience (Cambodia)

    Ted Johnson
    Media and Communications Manager (Madagascar)

    Sergio Malo
    Program Manager (Mozambique)

    Hannah Metcalfe
    Program Manager (Tanzania)

    Nathalie Nathalie Ranaivo-Harisoa
    Operations Coordinator - Communication & Research (Madagascar)

    Roland Pritchett
    Country Director (Madagascar)

    Herihaja Rabenaivo
    Senior Developer (Madagascar)

    Mino Rakotoarivony
    Senior Developer (Madagascar)

    Barilolona Randrianarisoa
    Deputy Country Director (Madagascar)

    Noëlle Rasendra
    Administration & Finance Director (Madagascar)

    Sarah Rogers
    Program Manager (Burkina Faso and Ghana)

    Amy Smith
    Program Manager (Malawi)

    Salohy Soloarivelo
    Deputy Director of Operations (Madagascar)

    Whitney Wilding Hughes
    Program Manager (Democratic Republic of Congo)

    Board of Directors

    Andrew McAfee, Chair
    Principal Research Scientist, Center for Digital Business, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Brian Williams, Vice Chair
    Chief, Financing for Peacebuilding, Peacebuilding Support Office, United Nations, New York

    Alex Miller, Secretary
    Guardian Ad Litem Coordinator, Minnesota Judicial Branch

    Lisa Simutami, Treasurer
    Vice President and Senior Regional Director of East Africa, Population Services International

    Toby Kasper
    Strategic Planning Consultant, UNFPA

    Jeff Wishnie
    Senior Director of Program Technology, Mercy Corps